When The Little Guys Take On A Behemoth : Developers Working Togather To Make Apple Work Them.

If you have spent time in software development, you will know that Apple has become increasingly difficult and limited to customization over the past several decades. This has forced many to move over to Linux and other platforms. However, Apple has such a market share that those that want the functionality of macOS stick around and simply deal with the issues.

Over the last two decades, Cocoatech and several other independent development teams have quietly created solutions to these workflow problems and created stand-alone apps for certain workflow conundrums. Many times, this work is done in a vacuum and as a result, there are many solutions to the same problems. In rare cases, developers look around and seek solutions from their contemporaries. This is one of those rare cases! Cocoatech is excited to announce their collaboration with St. Clair Software’s Default Folder X (DFX) to create more customization to the macOS to help the end-users where Apple has fallen short.

Navigating Apple’s Road Blocks

Over the years, app developers have been forced to drop everything because Apple announces a new update that will effectively render their application useless unless they redesign it with the new Apple specs. This often takes hundreds of development hours just to integrate the updates. However, some applications like Cocoatech’s Path Finder have to lobby for the ability to even present their product to macOS users through the App store because they are attempting to improve upon the functionality.

To date, neither Path Finder, nor Default Folder X can be found in the Apple App store because they violate the terms of use as it improves upon macOS applications and allows customizations Apple simply will not. Improving functionality for the user means that it “hacks” some of the controls that Apple has put in place. A no no in Apple’s book.

Cocoatech & St Clair Software Join Forces

Our developers got together to synchronize our code so they work together seamlessly to do things that macOS can not. It is a lofty goal to work on a smaller level with local developers to try and make macOS more user-friendly outside the confines of the support of Apple but Path Finder does not plan to stop with just one collaboration. We are seeking to work with other app developers who are not allowed in the app store to work together and improve the experience and functionality of the end-user.

In August of last year, the makers of Fortnite sued Apple and Google for allegedly monopolizing their app distribution stores and in-app payment processing markets after the tech giants for booting their game from the App store. They are still in litigation over this but it brought to light how Apple’s method of doing business does not allow for any deviance from what they have planned for their shareholder, no matter the cost to the end-user.

A Call for Collaboration

Cocoatech and St Clair Software is the first of many collaborations. Cocoatech has no interest in suing Apple for not allowing it in the Apple app store so they will simply create code that makes their fellow techies more productive outside the usual channels.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

In a world that seems divided on just about every issue these days, let’s find ways to work together. If you are a developer or have a favorite app that you would love to have functionality inside Path Finder reach out to us.

Contact our team at Cocoatech at sales@cocoatech.com

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