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Words from Mac Influencers

"Whether you need a more customizable file management interface, dual-pane functionality, or more file administration capabilities than are included within macOS' native Finder program, Cocoatech's Path Finder 8 provides a capable, comprehensive substitute."

"Apple’s macOS Finder has evolved slowly over the years. It started simple, got faster and more refined, but never evolved dramatically. But Cocoatech’s Path Finder, now at version 8, has."

"Path Finder makes you a master of file management. Take full control over your file system. Save your time: compare and synchronize folders, view hidden files, use Dual Pane and full keyboard navigation to browse your file system."

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to make this store as simple as possible. If you get confused, don't worry. Reach out to our support team anytime.

What are "Activations"?

An activation gives you the ability to run Path Finder on one computer. When you buy Path Finder, you are given 2 activations by default.

This allows you to install it on your laptop and desktop (or any two computers you are using). When you "activate" your computer, that activation is marked as "used" until you deactivate.

If you buy a new computer and don't have any free activations, just deactivate your old computer and activate the new one. Or just buy more activations. Activations is our solution to software piracy that is simple and easy to use.

What is an "Activation code"?

Activations codes are a new innovation we invented at Cocoatech. Let's say you want to intall Path Finder on multiple computers. It's perfectly OK to sign in to your account on each computer, and activate those computers in the standard way.

But what if you needed to install Path Finder on 100 different machines at your organization and your don't want to give out your email and password? This is where Activation codes come in. Rather than give out your email/password, just send those 100 users the activation code. Those users just need to open up Path Finder on their computer and paste in the code. Now they are ready to run Path Finder.

You can also reset the activation code to invalidate all the computers using this code. This is a great solution if someone discovers your code outside of your organization and you want to kick them off.

How do I install Path Finder on multiple computers?

You can either sign in to Path Finder on those computers and activate (assuming you have enough activations), or you can enter the activation code. See the the help section titled "What is an Activation Code?" for more information.

Why did we switch from selling license keys to subscriptions?

If you're a long time user of Path Finder, you might be wondering why we switched to subscriptions. This short answer is it's simpler for our customers and for our development team. A few months ago we started rewriting our purchase system and determined that subscriptions are the future.

The credit card processing company we use for example only handles subscriptions and doesn't handle one time purchases with license keys. Given that limitation and after searching for months for the best solution andweighing all the pros and cons, we decided it's best for everyone if we switched to subscriptions.

Advantages of subscriptions: We can continually update our code without having to hold things for the next release. You'll get the latest features faster.You never have to worry about upgrades, or worry about buying an older version right before a major release.It\'s easy to cancel and resume your subscription if you go on vacation.

We give you the choice of paying monthly, twice yearly, or yearly.You don't have to keep track of your license key. No more lost licenses. You just use an email and a password.No more version numbers. Path Finder is no longer versioned. If you have Path Finder, you have the latest version.Your purchase is protected by a password you can change rather than a fixed license key.Provides a more steady stream of income that helps us pay our employees and stay in business.

I hope you agree that this was the best decision, and we hope you continue to support our little indie software shop.

How can I add more activations?

There are two ways to add activations to your subscription. The first and simplest way is to click the "+" button on the subscription card on the main dashboard. A dialog will popup containing a simple user interface where you can quickly add or remove activations.

The other way is to click the menu icon on the top right of the subscription card and choose "Edit Subscription". From there, add the Activation add-on and set the number of additional activations you need. Adding or removing activations will affect your future payments and charge or refund your account.

Open up the Edit Subscription slide down dialog to confirm the state of your account after adding or removing activations. If you make a mistake, just undo what you did.

How it all works in a nutshell

We tried to make this as simple as possible. Purchase Path Finder in this window or on our website. Don't use a fake email address as you will get notifications about your subscription by email.

Open this window within Path Finder and enter the email address you used while purchasing. Next you will be asked for a password. If this is your first time to sign in, it will create an account and set the new password.

Next it will ask you to activate the computer you are running. Click Activate. The dashboard will now open showing you the details of your subscription and activations. If you need to run it on more than 2 computers, click the "+" button to add more activations.

Why do I need to sign in?

Your email and your password protect access to your account. Your account needs to be password protected otherwise anyone could use your activations if they knew your email address.

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