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How do I install Path Finder?

After you download Path Finder there will be a file called PFX.dmg in your Downloads folder. The DMG file should auto open and show you a window with Path Finder and a link to your /Applications folder. Drag Path Finder to your Applications folder. Move to the /Applications directory and double click on Path Finder to start using Path Finder.

Why did we switch from selling license keys to subscriptions?

If you're a long time user of Path Finder, you might be wondering why we switched to subscriptions. This short answer is it's simpler for our customers and for our development team. A few months ago we started rewriting our purchase system and determined that subscriptions are the future.

The credit card processing company we use for example only handles subscriptions and doesn't handle one time purchases with license keys. Given that limitation and after searching for months for the best solution andweighing all the pros and cons, we decided it's best for everyone if we switched to subscriptions.

Advantages of subscriptions: We can continually update our code without having to hold things for the next release. You'll get the latest features faster.You never have to worry about upgrades, or worry about buying an older version right before a major release.It\'s easy to cancel and resume your subscription if you go on vacation.

We give you the choice of paying monthly, twice yearly, or yearly.You don't have to keep track of your license key. No more lost licenses. You just use an email and a password.No more version numbers. Path Finder is no longer versioned. If you have Path Finder, you have the latest version.Your purchase is protected by a password you can change rather than a fixed license key.Provides a more steady stream of income that helps us pay our employees and stay in business.

I hope you agree that this was the best decision, and we hope you continue to support our little indie software shop.

Can I use Path Finder after my license expires or subscription canceled?

In most cases, yes. We wanted to emulate the way software is typically sold with license keys. Typically you buy a license for version X and if you don't upgrade to version X+1, you can effectly run that version free forever. If you do download the latest version you would have to buy a new license.

Our system is similar. If you buv a subscription or license and keep it for one year, then after that point you can run builds of Path Finder that are older than the end date of you license or subscription. If you cancel your subscription early, or ask for a refund, you will have to reactivate your subscription or buy again.

How can I use Path Finder effectively?

Unlike Apple's stock Finder, Path Finder is extremely intuitive to use. There are some basic tutorials you can look into but the app was designed so that anyone can pick it up and use its top features immediately.

How do I uninstall Path Finder if I decide not to use it?

Path Finder is designed to be simple to install and uninstall. Just drag the Path Finder application to the trash to uninstall.
There are also some other files that get created when you run Path Finder, but it's not at all important to remove these files.

They are harmless and will not affect your computer if you leave them where they are.

'/Library/Application Support/Path Finder/'

'/Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Path Finder/'




Can I cancel my subscription if I'm unhappy with Path Finder?

Sure, you can cancel any time and reactivate anytime. It's super simple. Open the Registration window in Path Finder and login to your account using your email. The dashboard will appear showing your account and subscription info. There is a menu item to cancel your subscription in the menu on the top right of the subscription card. You will be refunded a prorated amount.

For example, if it's been 6 months and you paid for a year, you will get half of what you paid refunded.

Why should I use Path Finder?

Apple's stock Finder app is infamous among power Mac users for its poor user experience. Decades after its initial release, many of the original complaints remain unaddressed. Path Finder addresses all of these complaints, has active support, and is regularly updated to continuously provide a better user experience.

Is Path Finder Secure?

Path Finder has been coded following the most rigorous security standards. It is actively developed by Cocoatech and regularly receives updates that implement both new features and any newly patched security holes. To our knowledge, there has never been a security incident where Path Finder was involved.

What happened to Path Finder 11?

The reason we switched to a subscription service was so we could get rid of the version number.

Our goal was to have one version of Path Finder that gets continual updates that everyone can use. With versioned releases you have to maintain two builds of hte code. The currently shipping build, and the upcoming build. Now we can put all our energy into the single version of Path Finder and focus all our energy on improving that.

From here on out there won't be a Path Finder 12 or 13, it will just be "Path Finder"

How it all works in a nutshell

We tried to make this as simple as possible. Purchase Path Finder in this window or on our website. Don't use a fake email address as you will get notifications about your subscription by email.

Open this window within Path Finder and enter the email address you used while purchasing. Next you will be asked for a password. If this is your first time to sign in, it will create an account and set the new password.

Next it will ask you to activate the computer you are running. Click Activate. The dashboard will now open showing you the details of your subscription and activations. If you need to run it on more than 2 computers, click the "+" button to add more activations.

Is there an active Path Finder coupon code?

Check the Cocoatech blog or our Facebook page for postings about Path Finder coupons.

We post coupons around big holiday's or special marketing promotions.

How do I install Path Finder on multiple computers?

You can either sign in to Path Finder on those computers and activate (assuming you have enough activations), or you can enter the activation code. See the the help section titled "What is an Activation Code?" for more information.

How is Path Finder different from Apple’s Finder?

Path Finder has taken everything that was missing in Apple's stock Finder and implemented it. Common user complaints about the stock Finder app have been addressed in Path Finder so that the app contains everything needed for a superior macOS experience.

How do I use Path Finder on multiple machines?

By default you can install Path Finder on 2 machines. If you would like to allow co-workers or family members to share your copy of Path Finder you can purchase more 'activations'. Open Path Finder and go to the Registration dialog to add more activations.


We don't do anything that would infringe on your privacy. Your activity is never tracked and no information is misused. Our servers only store your user information and license key. No credit card, or payment information is stored.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team. We take privacy seriously.

I don't trust buying Path Finder within the app. Is it safe?

We can assure you that buying Path Finder is safe within the application, but if you are concerned you can also buy Path Finder on our website which clearly shows an https secure connection.

How do I upgrade from Path Finder 10?

First download the latest Path Finder from the website.
You will be prompted to purchase Path Finder if your Path Finder 10 license is more than a year old.
To purchase, click the Buy Now button, or open the Registration dialog from the menu bar (File / Registration...)

How can I add more activations?

There are two ways to add activations to your subscription. The first and simplest way is to click the "+" button on the subscription card on the main dashboard. A dialog will popup containing a simple user interface where you can quickly add or remove activations.

The other way is to click the menu icon on the top right of the subscription card and choose "Edit Subscription". From there, add the Activation add-on and set the number of additional activations you need. Adding or removing activations will affect your future payments and charge or refund your account.

Open up the Edit Subscription slide down dialog to confirm the state of your account after adding or removing activations. If you make a mistake, just undo what you did.

How do resellers purchase for a client?

There is a "Gift" option in our shopping cart. Follow the instructions there, or email us if you have questions.
The software is delivered via web download with a 30-day free trial period.

Why do I need to sign in?

Your email and your password protect access to your account. Your account needs to be password protected otherwise anyone could use your activations if they knew your email address.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! When you can buy Path Finder our cart will apply an automatic discount as you increase the number of activation addons.

If you are purchasing a high volume for an office, school or organization, we can give you a better deal.

Email us and tell us what you need.

Is there volume discount for buying Path Finder for my school or business?

A volume discount is automatically applied when you purchase Path Finder and add activations. One activation is required for each computer you want to run Path Finder.

If you have a very large order, and you're not happy with the default discount, send us an email and we can work out a special deal.