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Cloud File Uploader

Quickly upload files selected in Path Finder to different Cloud services, like SFTP/FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Innovative ways to quickly copy and move files

Drop Stack revolutionizes your copy/move operations — no more opening two windows side-by-side! Use Dual Pane View to copy files from one pane to the next, with just a single click. Move groups of files to different places fast with File Copy Queues. The coolest part - you can Undo almost any file operation!

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Advanced file and folder operations

With Path Finder you can batch rename and batch select files, merge, compare and synchronize folders, view and manipulate hidden files and much more.

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Browse and find files easier

Quickly access frequently used folders and files with Bookmarks and Tab Presets.
Get to your files quicker by directly typing into the Path Navigator, and use Filtering feature to quickly find a file inside the current folder.

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Path Finder has...

Tons of Features

We are consistently adding new features and ask our clients to help us develop new ones. Share your voice each year in our survey or reach out to our support to make suggestions.

Low-level Search

Search using Spotlight's database just like the Finder, or do a low-level scan for your files.

Keyboard Access

Change Path Finder's default shortcuts or add your own.

Drop Stack

Freeze drag-and-drop operations by placing files into a temporary stack.

File Transfer Queue

Access current file operations from either a toolbar item or a separate unified window.

Batch Renaming

Apply filename changes to a group of files simultaneously.

Command Line Tools

Execute common command line tools directly from the Path Finder GUI.

Advanced Selection

Select files based on file name, extension, attributes, and more.

Editable Path Navigator

Directly type in the Path Navigator to get to your files quickly.

Quick Look & Cover Flow

Quickly preview files, and display Cover Flow alongside any other view type.

Native support for Apple Silicon

Runs fast and smooth on the latest and greatest Macs.


FolderSync is Cocoatech's Folder Comparison and Synchronization tool. And it's powerful.

Smart Sorting

Sort by folders, packages, or files first.

Calculate File Checksums

MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA224, SHA-256, SHA384, SHA-512.

Hex Editor

Low-level file editing without ever leaving your browser.

Integrated Terminal

Embed a terminal window directly into your graphical file browser window.

ACL Editor

Create and modify Access Control Lists, an advanced alternative to macOS's standard Unix permissions.

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Words from our customers

"If you use macOS and are into max productivity, @Cocoatech's Path Finder is a must. They just release v8 yesterday. It's a power user version of the Finder."

Mike B.

"I love the tool and my workflow depends on it. As a developer, i like browsing through the folders via keyboard without using the mouse."

Michael S.

"The really cool thing about @Cocoatech Path Finder for #macOS is the new module management."

Joseph L.

"If you have a simple folder sync task, don’t forget @Cocoatech’s Pathfinder has a FolderSync feature. It is everything that Finder should have been. God bless @Cocoatech!"

John M.

"When I am in the Apple store and am asked to do something, I literally cannot use the Apple Finder. I love your program and it never crashes. And it has lasted for decades always getting better. I consider PathFinder a work of art”

Norm G.

"Path Finder 7 is INCREDIBLE software. So useful and awesome. I'm an actual customer (not paid, sponsored etc). It has made me seriously more productive. Saving tab sets, having different favorites bars, all super cool features. Thank you for making this!"

Bark H.

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