Backblaze B2 Joins Path Finder Cloud Servers

When you need to organize large amounts of data, using a cloud storage service allows you to store your data on other servers rather than cramming it all into your computer.

Storing all files and folders in your computer is a complete waste of space, with the obvious consequence that enormous amounts of data will slow down your computer's performance.

With cloud servers, your data is kept in a remote location and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Path Finder streamlines a file management system for Mac by allowing files to be uploaded directly to your cloud storage.

Before, the only cloud servers available were Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP, and Dropbox. Now, they have finally added another server, which many people, particularly business owners, have been waiting for – the Backblaze B2.

Backblaze B2 is a cloud storage solution that offers a free data quota, an easy-to-understand pricing structure, and a design that is simple to integrate with a single user’s tools or a business’ existing workflow system.

How to upload files using the Cloud File Uploader (h2)

It’s easy! Follow these instructions below. You can also find these in Path Finder modules.

1. Select files you wish to upload

2. Go to Menu Commands > Upload to > New Uploader

3. Once a dialogue box pops up, select the cloud service type and fill in your credentials, such as username and password

4. Click on Upload.

It is just that easy!

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