Licenses are Back!

You asked, we listened.

Earlier this year, we redesigned our website, and in the process redesigned our payment processing system.  Our new payment processor is a great solution for subscriptions, but it did not handle traditional license keys for desktop apps.

We had heard that many software companies were switching to subscriptions and thought we should make the leap. Subscriptions work great, and we still recommend them, but some customers aren't comfortable with online subscriptions and we got many complaints.

To everyone who was angry that we only offered a subscription, we apologize.

So, to correct this mistake, we spent the last 3 months designing a new yearly license payment option.

The new yearly license is not exactly the same as the previous license key, but it works the same. Rather than entering a license key, you just Sign in with your email address to activate Path Finder on your mac.

Some of you might be wondering what happens when your license expires? On expiration, you can continue to run the latest version of Path Finder that was released before expiration. If you try to upgrade to the latest version, you will be asked to buy another license, or subscription.

We are releasing this announcement on the same week that Ventura is being released and are happy to say that we are fully compatible with Mac’s newest operating system. When you update Path Finder next make sure you have also updated your operating system to gain the maximum benefit.  

If you missed it in the last major release, Path Finder now has a very cool feature where you can simply right-click a file and “Send to Cloud” called Remote Server Upload.  It’s so convenient and simple. Give it a try. It works with the major cloud services, DropBox, Google, Amazon S3 and is FST & SFTP.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has stood by us through our transition this past year. A big "Thank you" to our incredible community.

Thanks for all your suggestions and bug reports and thank you for standing by us all these years. 

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